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Your Weekday Morning Routine Made Simple

February 22, 2017

Evening Prep:

Keep all the kid’s belongings in the same place for easy access in the morning.

Each child is responsible for packing their own book bag (even my 4 year old). They have to check the night before to make sure all of their homework has a name on it and that its placed into the correct folder. Is the folder in your book bag? Are you glasses in your book bag? Did you take out all of your papers and projects for mom to see? We also keep our shoes and coats for the next day with our packed bags.

Check out our printable checklist to help them stay focused:

Are you ready for school tomorrow checklist

What’s mom job during all of this? Put together their lunches if needed.

If your kids are reluctant to cooperate? Try a dessert incentive or sibling challenge to make it fun!

Morning Routine Made Simple

See our tips for kid closet organization HERE

I love these organization systems from other bloggers:


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