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Seven Saturdays of Spring Organization Challenge: Week 4 – The Playroom

April 8, 2017

Seven Saturdays to Spring Challenge

Organize & Simplify (On a Budget)

You only need one hour each week to get the job done!

  1. Kitchen 3/18 Check out week one here!
  2. Bathrooms 3/25 Check out week two here!
  3. Clothes closet 4/1 Check out week three here!
  4. Kid Playroom 4/8
  5. Kids Bedroom 4/15
  6. Linen and Coat Closets 4/22
  7. Garage 4/29

I know what you’re thinking… this post is a joke! Well, April Fools was last week and I’m actually not kidding! There will really come a day and time that you can enlist the help of your children to clean-up. They are never too young to start! There are some simple steps you can take to help them to get there including making cleaning fun, setting a good example, and creating an organizational system that works.

1.Sort through the mess…. ALONE.

  • This is the hardest part for some parents – what to keep and what to toss. Create three piles: Donate, Save, Toss. If you are unsure about an item, place it in the “Save for Later Pile”. We have an area of storage where we keep our overflow of toys. When Christmas rolls around… the kids get soooooo much stuff they don’t even know what to do with it all. I like to put a few things aside until the weather gets warmer. When the kids start to get bored with their toys, I pull out the other items and it’s like Christmas all over again. You can use this same strategy when it comes to toys that are out in the playroom, but not getting used much. Place them in a storage container for later.
  • And while I don’t have the kids help me with the sorting part of the clean-up (they would keep EVERYTHING)… It’s important for kids to gather some items for donation THEMSELVES. I ask my kids to get pick 3-5 items to donate. This is a really special parenting tool for me. It helps to teach them appreciation for what they have and the importance of giving back to others in the community.


2. Bins, Bins, Bins!

  • This is the area of the house to SPLURGE on bins. Plastic bins are good for small parts like barbie accessories and legos. However, go for cloth or wooden bins for the big stuff. Try this great find from amazon at an amazing price: SIX large bins for $16.99

3. Create labels

  • I want these cloth bins to last as long as possible so I created removable labels that can change as my kids interests and toys change as well. If you have younger children add some stickers/pictures to the labels along with words to help build their vocabulary and word recognition at the same time! It’s a win-win for all. (Can you tell I’m a teacher? Everything gets a label!)

4. Summary:

  • Minimize the clutter: Save, Donate, Toss
  • Stay consistent with having your kids clean-up
  • Organize the space: Bins and Labels

Organize Simplify Playroom

Here are some other beautiful Pinterest organization finds!

This playroom captures the essence of simplicity and functionality. Beautiful! Find this mom on IG @Thedowntownaly


Little girls have lots of little parts! This is a great idea! Clear bins make clean-up easy and chalkboard paint creates reusable bins that can change as your kids grow! Post by the amazing TheSunnySideUpBlog.Com has the right idea! This cozy little art nook is functional and simple. Hanging bins keep art supplies organized and accessible. I love this creative corner!

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