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Seven Saturdays of Spring: Organization and Simplification Challenge – WEEK 3 CLOTHES CLOSET

April 1, 2017

Seven Saturdays to Spring Challenge

Organize & Simplify (On a Budget)

You only need one hour each week to get the job done!

  1. Kitchen 3/18 OUR FIRST WEEK’S POST IS HERE!
  2. Bathrooms 3/25 LAST WEEK’S POST IS HERE!
  3. Clothes closet 4/1
  4. Kid Playroom 4/8
  5. Kids Bedroom 4/15
  6. Linen and Coat Closets 4/22
  7. Garage 4/29

clothes closet organize simplify


Ok. Don’t answer that. I already know. The first problem is ME and the second is THE KIDS. I try to explain to them that wearing jeans one time doesn’t necessarily mean that they are dirty. Jeans like NEVER get dirty! Am I right? And the hoodies. OMG. THE HOODIES! The hoodie didn’t even touch you. You wore it for 5 minutes and then wadded it up into a ball on the sofa and NOW it’s in the dirty clothes bin. THIS IS WHY THE LAUNDRY NEVER ENDS!

I digress.

There are a few rules of thumb that I like to follow when it comes to purging my closet.

  • If you haven’t worn it in 2 years… YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO WEAR IT! It’s time to donate.


  • You do NOT need 100 purses. In fact, 10 purses is pushing the limit and 5 means you really are trying to live a simpler lifestyle. (One black, brown, clutch/special event, spring/summer, and over-sized beach bag.)


  • You also do NOT need 100 belts. You haven’t even worn those belts since high school. Let it go.


  • And there are ALWAYS better ways to organize.

BEFORE: I used to organize my clothes by type of shirt…. I would group together all of the t-shirts, sweaters, dress shirts, etc…. but then I realized that it wasn’t necessarily helping me to see what I had.

NOW: Now I organize my closet also based on colors. Why is this helpful? Well, I realized that I owned approximately 90% black shirts and 10% other…. So the next time I went shopping… I knew what I actually needed.

clothes closet organization

As you can see in the photo, IM A REAL MOM and I don’t live in the world of PINTEREST. However, I hope you can also see that I’ve organized my clothes mostly by COLOR… Green, Blue, White/Tan, Red/Maroon/Orange, Gray, & Black. To the far right corner are my dress pants, skirts, dresses, and blazers for work and special events.

Here are some other useful tips that I’ve found on the internet to help you with your most troublesome areas of the closet.

  • Space-saving hangers are a LIFESAVER!
  • What to do with all those boots? A fellow blogger had the right budget-friendly idea. Go grab yourself some pool noodles!
  • Shoes galore? While I would first recommend to purge what you don’t need. My second recommendation would be to make use of vertical space in your closet.

closet organization

So grab TWO garbage bags and get to work! One for donation and the other for the curb. I hope you are able to find ONE hour in your day today to do something refreshing and empowering for yourself.


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