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Seven Saturdays of Spring Organization Challenge: Week 1 – Kitchen

March 3, 2017

Seven Saturdays to Spring Challenge

Organize & Simplify (On a Budget)

You only need one hour each week to get the job done!

The Seven Week Challenge:

  1. Kitchen 3/18 WEEK ONE
  2. Bathrooms 3/25
  3. Clothes closet 4/1
  4. Kid Playroom 4/8
  5. Kids Bedroom 4/15
  6. Linen and Coat Closets 4/22
  7. Garage 4/29

Week 1: Let’s tackle that kitchen! Get out the garbage bags, because it’s time to purge! Stop hanging on to the clutter. Here are the TOP three problematic areas in my kitchen. They ALWAYS need to be organized because they are hot spots for little hands!

The Plastic Cabinet AKA The Tupperware Black Hole: (Total Time – 15 minutes)

  1. Throw out any containers that are missing a lid or a bottom.
  2. Throw out any containers that have scratches, stains, and other wear & tear.
  3. Throw out containers from fast food take-out and return containers to your mother.

Note: Glass Tupperware is your best option. I use glass for all of our family dinner leftovers and my work lunches. They last longer, they’re microwaveable safe, and are better for your health & the environment. Here are some of my favorites! They have GREAT lids!

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Glass Food Storage Container, 22-piece Set, Red (1865887)

  1. Kid cups? Limit 3-4 cups ONLY per kid! C’est la vie to the rest! Seriously. Sing “Let it go” as you throw those bad boys into the trash.

Last Note Here: If you were thinking about buying a nice container-organization-contraption for your tupperware – think again! A storage contraption means you have too much crap! Simplify your life and your cabinet by only keeping the necessary items.

tupperware before


tupperware after


The Pantry: (Total Time – 25 minutes)

Let me preface by saying that my dream pantry would look something like this:

But in reality, we aren’t quite there! Our pantry is small and glass is a no go with three little hungry monsters on the loose. I was tired of making excuses for myself not being able to afford the organization that I wanted. So I went in cheap & practical. And I went in hard. I wanted some quick and durable bins that I could trust the kids to handle. So I racked up about $17 at the dollar store to finally get the job done.

  1. Throw out expired cans and boxes.
  2. Put my extra flour, sugar, and cereal in air-tight containers.
  3. Put like items in the same bin:
    • Breakfast foods (oatmeal, biscottis, protein pouches)
    • Cookies
    • Chips & pretzels
    • Dinner spice packets
    • Soup cans
    • Box items (Rice, Mac-N-Ch, Etc.)
  4. Pre-make snacks in sandwich bags for easy access. This has made packing lunches easier for me and also given my kids some independence. They are also great to have when you are on the go or running late!

Oggi 4-Piece Acrylic Canister Set with Airtight Lids and Acrylic Spoons-Set Includes 1 each 28oz, 38oz, 59oz, 72oz

Note: We have a small pantry, but we make it work! Bigger space means filling it with more stuff.            Just create a simple system that works for you.

Small Simple Clean Pantry Organization

Before & After

Small Simple Clean Pantry OrganizationSmall Simple Clean Pantry Organization

Try these bins from the dollar store – all shapes, colors, and sizes!

Simple Pantry Organization

If you have the time, throw on some cute bin labels too!

CLICK HERE! Vintage Labels


Kitchen Organization Chalkboard Labels Pen

CLICK HERE! 64 Chalkboard Labels with Pen $8.95

The Junk Drawer: (Total Time – 15 minutes)

I found these great interlocking organizers for our very tiny junk draw. I like to pick the smallest possible draw in my kitchen for this! Having small trays to organize is key for this one.

  1. My only tip here is to keep what you need. You don’t need 100 pens and pencils in your junk drawer. Again: Minimize & Simplify.
  2. Do you have an office? Do your kids have their own desks? Put things away in their place.

I hope you found these tips SIMPLE & useful.

By the way, has anyone tried out PRIME PANTRY?! I hear good things!

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