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Mom’s Health Corner: Plastics You Should Purge Today!

March 13, 2017

Mom’s Health Corner: Plastics You Should Purge Today!

Did you know plastic chemicals get absorbed by our bodies? 93% of Americans ages 6 and older test positive for BPA. Many of the chemicals found in plastic are known to alter our hormones and cause negative health effects.

Living totally plastic free is nearly impossible!! Ever heard of a toothbrush?

But there are still ways that you can help your body… your family… & the environment!

plastics you can purge

  1. Avoid the disposables as much as possible.

Stop wasting your money every week on throw-away water bottles, red solo cups, plastic silverware, and straws. Did you know that those tiny beads in your facial scrub and body wash – are plastic?! You’re washing them right down the drain and into our water supply.

  1. Opt for Alternatives

We all know about reusables right? The craze over reusable grocery bags and water bottles is imprinted into our brains. Next time you’re heading out, make sure to grab your reusable coffee mug too! Most stores are more than willing to fill-up your cup with the beverage of your choice. Look out for these other great ideas:

A. Silicon, bamboo, and wooden cooking tools in the kitchen

B. Go retro with glass and porcelain containers instead of plastic (when possible)

C. Friend having a baby? Snag something classic and unique. Look for vintage wooden toys or try Amazon Handmade.

D. Use matches instead of plastic lighters.

  1. At the ABSOLUTE very least:

A. Never microwave plastics: The BPA craze sent some manufacturers searching for quick solutions & in some cases they have substituted BPA for other chemicals that are even less understood.

B. Read the recycling label: Look at the number inside of the recycling symbol. Experts say to avoid plastics with the recycling number 3 (may contain phthalates), 6 (basically means Styrofoam), and 7 (which means other… other what? Things like BPA and other hard plastic polycarbonates).

  1. Upcycle Ideas from Pinterest! For supermoms who like to go to infinity and beyond!

Upcycle Plastic Juice Jugs From: Kara Harvey @ plastic pencil holder

Organize your toys, crayons, and more! From

upcycle plastic container

Cute idea for a teacher gift! By

Make a plastic watering can so the kids can help around the yard. By MakeMagazine

Upcycle plastic container gardening

Spring is right around the corner! This is great way to upcycle an old container for potting soil. By Babble

Sources: EcoWatch, Dr.Oz Blog, Green Education Foundation


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