Mini Blog: Play Date Rules for Moms: Rule #1 Play the Fool

January 31, 2017

Mini Blog: Play Date Rules for Moms

Rule #1 Play the Fool

You’re not fooling anyone, but play the game anyway!

In the early days of play dates and meeting other moms, there is a lot of pressure to be PERFECT and pretend like you have your SHIT together. Of all the things that could imaginably go wrong during this time, your child having a tantrum is the NUMBER ONE FEAR on the list!

So here we are on one of our very first play dates. When the meltdown begins, as it inevitably will, you literally have split seconds to decide –

Do I let these other women see the true crazy? Or do I reel it in?

We all know… you reel it in… of course!! There’s only a handful of people on this planet that have ever seen your “true crazy” and it’s not going to be these women… not today!

You react calmly and your child begins to quiet down. You silently pat yourself on the back for keeping your composure.

But then, your kid kind of looks at you… surprised… as if they are thinking… Who the hell is this woman?

And then it dawns on them. They smurk. They know they’ve got you right by the she’s-so-full-of-shit-balls. They realize – she’s not going to lose her shit on me here. Not now. Not with those other moms here.

Meanwhile, your nervous laugh kicks in to break the silence and you start pulling excuses out of your hat like Houdini. Oh Kids! Gotta love them! He didn’t nap today so he’s a little cranky.

In your mind, you know that’s a damn lie. He just slept for a solid 2 hours and is more rested then the Energizer Bunny. He’s just being HIM.

So you let your kid “mostly” get away with it this time. We’ve all been there! Either on the giving or receiving end. Which is why we also all know what happens when you pack up the car to head home… you reem out your kid like never before – taking crazy mom to a whole new level!

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