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If My Memory Was Any Worse…

April 11, 2017

“If my memory was any worse, I could plan my own surprise party.”

“What is your favorite childhood memory? Not paying bills.”

Baby brain memory

My memory is just awful lately. I can NEVER find my car keys… EVER. I lost my debit card at the movie theater last week. I even had a nuclear meltdown in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago (Read about the Plastic Meltdown of 17 HERE). And on nights when I’m not getting ANY sleep… it’s a wonder I make it to work in the morning.

The baby is going on 5 months old now – so I’m running out of excuses for this baby brain of mine. In fact, my oldest son is 9 now and I was starting to wonder how long this baby brain was supposed to last?!? I was under the impression it was temporary… but I’m starting to think maybe not! So…. I did some research and I have some news for you fellow-forgetful-moms out there.

I’ve always been told that pregnancy kills brain cells and I’ve believed it this entire time. Hell, I’m breathing, walking proof! But – truth be told… scientists haven’t come to a definitive agreement on the topic.

Turns out… there may be no such thing as baby brain.

Some studies have “suggested” that elevated hormone levels can affect short term memory (AND THIS MAKES COMPLETE SENSE). For example, at the Bradford Institute for Health Research in England, researchers compared the spatial memory of non-pregnant women with pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Their study concluded that pregnant women performed WORSE and these results held true for up to 3 months postpartum.

However, it’s a difficult area of study that needs MORE attention… like A LOT MORE! I feel like I would be the perfect candidate for testing so I really hope that they pay women for the trial studies! After three kids – my memory is a pile of mush. I make lists about lists and then forget where I left my list. Maybe I’m just preoccupied? Maybe I’m just tired? Maybe I just have a lot on my plate? Either way – I guess it’s…

Welcome to the new normal!

After taking a few days to digest the news of this inconclusive research… I decided to look up ways to improve cognitive function.

(Is this EVEN possible? Or were those brain games a lie too?!)

Apparently the brain games DO NOT add up to much so don’t waste your time. But here is some research-backed neuroscience that will:

Seven Habits to Improve Cognitive Function (By PsychologyToday)

  1. Physical Activity… (Ok. Check. I’m a mom with a house that ALWAYs needs to be cleaned.)
  2. Openness to Experience… (Ok. Check. I’m a mom. I got this one down too.)
  3. Curiosity and Creativity… (Ok. Check. I’m ALWAYS curious when my children are quiet for too long. And getting my kids to eat regular food requires a LOT of creativity.)
  4. Social Connections… (Ok. Check. Got this one too. BLOGGER!)
  5. Meditation…
  6. Get Enough Sleep…
  7. Reduce Chronic Stress…

Well then. I think through deductive reasoning we were able to clearly figure out the problem. I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like – Momma just needs a vacation! Who’s with me?


“The good thing about having a baby memory is that jokes can be funny more than once!”

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