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Gearing Up Before The Season: My Survival Kit

March 9, 2017

Travel soccer is back in gear for my oldest. This season is a little bit different for me as I will now have three little ones in tow instead of two.

This also means it’s time to step up my game and get organized! 

I will be heading back to work from my maternity leave in a few weeks & this puts me in a major time crunch. After school is hectic for ALL MOMS and even-more-so when you’re doing it alone and you have someplace to be! There’s homework, dinner, dishes, diapers, bottles, and so much gear!

I’ve decided to put together this little survival pack to make my life easier.

organization survival kit

The Plan

The plan is to just keep this bag in the car for emergencies! Not only will it come in handy for those cold, late night practices and two hour road trips, but it also doubles as my survival kit for so much more!

Stuck in traffic? Kids are starving?

Going out to eat dinner with the kids?

Waiting too long at the doctor’s office and the kids are getting antsy?

This survival pack is KEY!

Pack it up and forget about it! 

What’s in the bag?

So everyone’s bag might look a little bit different, but in our bag I made sure to keep –

  1. An extra water bottle and snacks (because there are NEVER enough snacks)
  2. Legos in this old pencil case – great idea to keep them all together!
  3. Playing Cards
  4. Some books, word searches, notepads
  5. Pencils and crayons
  6. Two little beanbag balls for the kids to throw around (on the field)
  7. A few matchbox toy cars
  8. Finally – A little bookbag so he can be independent and carry around his gear!

organization survival kit

My mind is always in ten thousand places at once! I try my best to – pack snacks for the kids, make sure I have enough bottles and diapers, lawn chairs, change of clothes, cleats, and my car keys. But it doesn’t always happen that way! This little survival pack gives me peace of mind – that when the battery finally dies on their tablets – mom is prepared with a backup plan!

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