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Be The Seed

July 26, 2017

Be The Seed.

There is always going to be darkness.
Some feel the creeping weight of the darkness more readily than others.
But at the brim of every pain is a light of hope and love and learning and unknown and healing waiting for you.
Feed the flickering light, whatever that may be for you, so it can grow and fill the space with brightness.
The scariest part about darkness is that it has a way of finding every corner. But so can the light.
We all feel unsteady in the dark. Be still. Take time to find your balance. Then as a plant at the dawn of each day, bend towards the light. After all, you have living to do.
Seeds begin life in the darkness and fight like hell to reach the light at any cost only to end up in darkness again. That doesn’t make the struggle less its worth. Fight for the light. 🌱


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